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Simpler things

Simpler things

As well as an updates to the tractor ranges, Claas engineers have been busy revising the Corto drum mowers range.

The front mounted unit is called the Corto 310F, which has a working width of 3.05m and was shown in combination with a loader wagon aimed at the zero grazing market. There is also a 2.85m version of the front mounted drum mower but this will not be offered in the UK or Ireland. The newcomer has improved ground contour following thanks to lateral and longitudinal movement. There is also the option of adding Active Float hydraulic suspension which has been used on the Disco mowers for some time.

Other key changes include simplified swath adjustment and extra swath discs can be added where a very narrow row is required. Finally a rubber damper reduces damage if an obstacle is hit. Like the other Corto models each drum has three quick fit blades.

For the rear there is the Corto 3200 Contour. Again the working width is 3.05m using a mix of two small and two large drums. The Contour designation reflects the centre pivot as used on the Disco models for better ground following. There is hydraulic suspension and the break back allows the mower to swing back and up if it encounters something solid. For transport the mounted mower folds vertically over centre. Kenfixx colour coded hydraulic couplers, which we tested in a previous issue of profi ease hitching up.

Not forgetting the entry end of the market the two drum Corto 190 is 1.85m and comes with folding covers front and rear. 

For the lighter user there is also a revised version of the 5.2m, four-rotor  Volto 55 tedder which gets the Claas Max Spread angled tine arms from the heavier duty machines and a beefed up frame. Again there are 4.5m and 6.5m models in this line-up (these have 1.5m rotors rather than the 55’s 1.1m) but these are not coming to the UK.

And finally on the grass theme is a new 3.2m Liner 320. Like the larger Claas rakes the rotor drive and cam track is sealed. There are eight tine arms, each carrying three pairs of grass gathering tines. A single axle is standard with a tandem optional.

By Mervyn Bailey