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Novel Austrian-made systems tractor prototype

Novel Austrian-made systems tractor prototype

Described by some as a modern take on the Fendt Xylon, and by others as a telehandler without the telescopic arm, all we know is that Austrian firm Syn Trac claims to have developed the ultimate systems tractor. Unveiled in prototype form at Agritechnica, the Syn Trac’s main claim to fame is a fully-automatic docking process for front and rear-mounted kit (includes the pto shaft (1000rpm standard), hydraulics, pneumatics, electrics, etc).

The entire process is push-button operated from the safety of the seat, and the operator’s view out through the front and rear of the German-made cab is claimed to be unrivalled. There is more because a specially-made adaptor allows the vehicle to be quickly configured as a telehandler! Also, it is also possible to add a third axle (powered or non-powered) to which a seed or fertiliser hopper can be added. This extra axle can also be fitted with a power pack, which the company says will come in handy when working with front-mounted snow blowers.

Power to the 10.3t tractor comes from a 6-pot 9.3lit Cat Stage IV 420hp engine, which reaches its maximum torque of 1900Nm at 1400rpm. The engine is mated to a CVT, a hydro-mechanical, power-splitting transmission, which depending on mode selected, has a top speed of 60 or 80km/hr (both at a fuel-saving 1500rpm). The firm says the independent hydro-pneumatic suspension system on each axle also allows for fast speeds and a comfortable ride in the field, and the low position of the engine and transmission results in a low centre of gravity. the Syn Trac’s four equal-size wheels can be configured to steer on the front only, all-wheel drive and crab steer.

Four 4x4 units are planned for field tests next year. Providing these are successful then the base vehicle, which could be interesting for farm and forestry contractors, could be available early 2019. Exact costs are not yet known but as a very rough guide are expected to start from around €300,000.

By Steven Vale


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