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Agritechnica 17 Day 2: More of a mixed bag

Agritechnica 17 Day 2: More of a mixed bag

Massey Ferguson has added an S to the model numbers of the Beauvais built tractors. The 5700S, 6700S, 7700S and 8700S have all been given a new style bonnet and other tweaks to meet Mother Regulations.

A new addition is the 5709S, a 95hp model with the choice of Dyna 4 or Dyna 6. On the larger 7722S larger diameter 2.05m tyres such as 650/85 R38 can be fitted. Across the board there is the option of Fieldstar 5 touch screen option which is a 9in ISObus display.  It can also be used for precision farming functions.

FPT has shown Stage V engines. Last year the Italian manufacturer produced 537,000 engines, over half of which were supplied customers outside of CNH. The particulate filter has been packaged with the SCR unit so the after treatment is no bigger and there is no EGR. On the four-cylinder N45 (up to 150kW) and six-pot N67 (up to 260kW) service intervals can be as long as 1,200 hours.

With Krone now selling its square bale accumulator it was interesting to see what other systems are out there. Danish firm Park Land has been producing collectors since 1992 and a couple of years ago introduced a model capable of collecting five large Hesston (120cmx120cm) bales. It has a price tag of around €35,000.

The Ma-Ag Vortex has a bladed drum option for chopping cover crops ahead of the two-gangs of 560mm diameter discs. Interlocking rings on the back do the pressing. The knife roller has 10 blades. Working widths are 3.0m to 6.0m with the 5.0m on show costing around €58,000.

The Agro-Masz straw harrow from Poland has the option of adding a front row of discs. There are five rows of 16mm diameter tines and the option of adding a seeder. UK importer is Bullock Tillage and the price for the 7.5m harrow with the leading discs is about €11,900.

By Mervyn Bailey