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Tractor test

In January 2017

New Holland T7.230 AC

At 132kW/180hp rated and 165kW/225hp max, the New Holland T7 tractor buyer is faced with the choice of a short-wheelbase T7.225 or the featured long-wheelbase T7.230. So why plump for the ‘stretch’ model?

Practical test

In January 2017

Väderstad Tempo V drill

Seed placement at speeds up to 16km/hr is quite a feat. Yet that’s what Tempo purports to do. We work the ‘V’ to see how much, if at all, such travel speeds affect drill accuracy.

Driving impression

In January 2017

Kawasaki Mule UTV

To some, a ‘Mule’ remains the generic for any utility vehicle. Which must be an irritant for the countless other manufacturers now in the sector. They, like us, will have been keen to know what changes Kawa- saki has implemented on the latest Mule.

Case IH RB 545 Silagepack

The fixed-chamber RB 545 Silagepack baler wrapper gains a number of features from its variable-chamber siblings, including the 2.2m wide pick-up unit with its closer spaced tines. Do these updates make a difference? We go wrapping.

Used machinery

In January 2017

Quicke loaders

<p>Swedish front-end loader brand Quicke accounts for a sizeable chunk of the new market, so surely it makes sense to head down that route if seeking a second-hand unit. Maybe ... but not necessarily. Still, it would seem a logical place to start.</p>

Last updated: 23.11.2016
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