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Tractor test

In June 2017

New Holland T7.315 HD

Fuel consumption proved to be one of the stand-out results when we tested the 300hp New Holland T7.315 HD. For further details, you’ll have to wait for our June magazine.

Practical test

In June 2017

Amazone ZA-V spreader

A quick indicator of how a machine has performed in a profi practical test is to glance down its test assessment panel. The Amazone ZA-V 2700 fert spreader only scored the one red minus; the rest of the marks were all green pluses. Top job.

Practical test

While maize-munching 900hp+ models may grab most of the headlines, it’s smaller 500hp foragers that are still the mainstream for UK and Irish buyers. Our featured 516hp Jaguar 860 is Claas’s ‘bread and butter’ machine.

Driving impression

In June 2017

Kongskilde XLD plough body

Capable of accommodating a 710 tractor tyre, the XLD is Kongskilde’s new body for ploughing furrows deep (from 15 to 35cm) and wide (from 40 to 55cm). For our test, the firm supplied its XLDs attached to an HRWT 51080 fully mounted reversible.

Used machinery

In June 2017

Pöttinger Europrofi wagons

Some said the noughties’ boom in new wagon sales would be a flash in the pan; others weren’t so sure. Well, it turns out the ‘others’ were correct. And the market for used wagons isn’t too shabby, either. Here we focus on Pöttinger’s Europrofi.

Last updated: 26.04.2017
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