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Tractor test

In April 2017

High-hp tractors

The big boys come out to play in this mother of all tractor tests. And by ‘big’ we really do mean ‘big’, with our magnificent six packing a total of more than 4,000hp. To add even more interest, we’ve also assembled the full complement of build configurations — standard, articulated, half-track, two-track and four-track — and, as an extra bonus, there’s also a Case IH Quadtrac vs JD RX

Practical test

In April 2017

Lemken Rubin vs Rubin

Same name but a subtly different game. In this practical test a 3m wide mounted Lemken Rubin 12/300 U disc cultivator takes on a 4m wide semi-mounted Rubin 12/400 KUA across a range of different soil and crop residue conditions.

Front-mounted mowers

Whereas mounting a mower on the mowing tractor’s nose was once something of an oddity, today it has pretty much become the norm ... particularly for those operators seeking the highest crop downing outputs. No surprise, then, that most manufacturers now offer a front mower option.

Suck ‘n’ blow

Joskin Volumetra 14500D slurry tanker:

When it was launched in 2013 the Volumetra name referred to the fact that the slurry tanker utilised a volumetric lobe or spiral pump. Since then the range has grown. We spread 1,500m3 of the sloppy stuff with a 14500D

Driving impression

In April 2017

Clean sweep

Respiro R3 Profi grass merger:

Talk in the trade suggests grass mergers could soon be a machine type we’ll be seeing a lot more of. There certainly seems to be a growing number of manufacturers coming to this particular party, one of which is Reiter with the Respiro design that we assess here

Strip and poop

Kverneland Kultistrip 6000F tillage tool:

Kverneland has developed a hydraulic-folding version of its Kultistrip tillage tool, which does what it says on the tin — cultivate a strip of ground. And there’s even the option to incorporate slurry. We caught up with the injector in Luxembourg, to find out how easy it is to set up and how it copes with trash

Used machinery

In April 2017

Maschio power harrows

Investing in a second-hand power harrow might seem like a risky business. Plenty to go wrong. Plenty to go bang. And plenty of money required to put things right again. Nonetheless there are bargains to be had. We review the Maschio options.


In April 2017

Eight tractors tackle the chilly winter conditions

Loader tractors need to be reliable right through the year, so where better to test their respective winter attributes than in the chilly north? Our team joins up with testers from Norway, Sweden and Finland.

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