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Tractor test

In December 2017

Fendt 514 Vario tractor

<p>Fendt prides itself on offering the most premium of products across the full power spectrum, all the way up to 500hp. Down in the more modest 130- 150hp sector, one of the firm’s key representatives is the 99kW/135hp 514 Vario — the subject of our December tractor test.</p>

Practical test

In December 2017

MX T412 loader

Host for our test MX T412 front-end loader was a 150hp Kubota M7151 tractor, and the pair proved to be a well-matched combination — plenty of power to do the job, yet compact and lightfooted enough to dance around a yard of tight, traditional farm buildings.

Driving impression

In December 2017

Claas Axion 960 tractor

The Claas Axion 960 has something for everyone. There’s an exhaust stack the size of a main drain for those that favour ‘in yer face’ muscle, while the all-new Cebis monitor, which now comes with touch-screen operation, should appease the industry’s technophiles. The 440hp Axion 960 is quite a beast.

Used machinery

In December 2017

MF 8600/8700 tractor

Even the most diehard Massey enthusiast would have to concede that the earliest 8000 series tractors were not the firm’s finest products. Their reputation for reliability was, at best, questionable, and this was reflected in their second-hand value. That was then; this is now. Does a used 8600/8700 make a sensible used buy?


In December 2017

Land Rover Discovery vs Discovery 4

There’s been no shortage of views expressed on the striking looks of the allnew Land Rover Discovery — some favourable, some not so favourable. But perhaps the more important debate is on how the vehicle rates against its predecessor, the Discovery 4. We pit one against the other in the December magazine.

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