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Tractor test

In September 2017

Deutz 9340 TTV tractor

For Deutz-Fahr, the 9-series tractor was a landmark product when it first appeared on the scene at the tail end of 2015, as it took the brand into the 300hp+ sector. Our test model is the 232kW/316hp rated 9340 TTV, which, during its time with us, impressed with both its engine and hydraulic performance. Check out our September mag for further details.

Practical test

In September 2017

Pöttinger Europrofi Combiline wagon

If you’re considering a machine that’s capable of more than one job, it’s easier to justify the spend — a point not lost on Pöttinger when designing its Combiline silage wagon/trailer.

Driving impression

In September 2017

Kverneland 97150 C rake

Rake manufacturers have been working hard to make their four-rotor models more manoeuvrable and better able to cope with smaller fields. Among the current breed is Kverneland’s 97150 C.

Used machinery

In September 2017

OPICO He-Va rollers

You could be forgiven for thinking there’s little to talk about in a guide to buying a used set of He-Va rollers. Wrong. After deciding on width and ring type, there’s then a whole load of add-ons to consider.

In September 2017

Case IH Puma vs Case IH 1455 XL tractors

She’s smokin’. Despite its trademark black plume, the 1990s legend that is the Case IH 1455 XL didn’t disgrace itself when pitted against its modern-day Puma brother.

Last updated: 05.07.2017
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