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In April 2017
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Tractor test

In April 2017

Lining up more than 3,300hp

Putting the power down

We’ve been able to muster all of today’s most powerful tractors from the leading manufacturers. Wheeled, articulated and rubber tracks — all the bases are covered for these titans to show off their particular skills out in the field

Claas Xerion 5000 Trac VC

New Holland T9.560

Fendt 1050 Vario

Challenger MT875E

Case IH Magnum 380 CVX RowTrac

Case IH Quadtrac 620 and John Deere 9620 RX

Summit meeting

From the mainstream makers these are the most powerful tractors of our time — one with 25 years’ experience, the other being a relative newbie to this market. Anything to choose between them? Not much ... as we found out in this exclusive comparison

Case IH Quadtrac 620

John Deere 9620 RX

Practical test

In April 2017

Lemken Rubin 12/300 U and 12/400 KUA disc cultivators

Deep digging discs

Over the past decade there has been a massive trend towards shallow working, short disc harrows. However, for those who want to dig a little deeper, Lemken has come up with the Rubin 12, which still sticks with the compact disc format. We pit a 3.0m Rubin against a 4.0m

Krone RX400 GD combi forage wagon

RX gets some new tricks

Last season saw Krone’s flagship ZX430 to 560 forage wagons (43-56m3) picking up grass in the UK and Ireland. Now a number of the big uns’ features have been incorporated into the mid-range RX models, which will debut at this year’s Grassland event

Comparing nine front-mounted mower conditioners

All out front

Following up on our comprehensive rear mower comparison published back in 2009, we’ve now gathered together nine front-mounted mower conditioners for yet another exclusive test. Part I focuses on the various Part I machines’ wilting performance and power requirement

Driving impression

In April 2017

Moorend 4T tracked loader

Floats like a butterfly

Gloucestershire firm Moorend has designed and developed a rubber track system for use with articulated telehandlers. When the going gets tough, the 4T gets ...

McCormick X8.680 tractor

A big red Italian

No, not the latest tenor holding a long top ‘C’. Instead McCormick’s latest high-hp tractor, which made its UK debut at this year’s LAMMA show. Earlier, Bob Karsten from the Dutch magazine Trekker had checked out a prototype

John Deere 5125R tractor

That big tractor feel

New to the John Deere literature stack is the 90-125hp 5R, which will start reaching UK and Irish farms later this year. Pegged as the premium model, we got our hands on one of the first 5125Rs — to see where it sits

Livestock equipment

In April 2017

Robotic livestock feeding

Innovating with the Innovado

It’s a decade since Dutch firm Schuitemaker started work on the Innovado feed robot. We outline the background and enjoy a visit to see one of the first commercial versions in action

Used machinery

In April 2017

Maschio DM power harrows

Need to know on Maschio

DM power harrows have been on sale in the UK since 1986, leading to wide availability on the used market. Not only that, but prospective purchasers can take heart from the fact that parts support for even the earliest machines is also good. When looking at second-hand models, there will be differences to note between early and late examples ... and there are other points to consider, too

Machine management

In April 2017

Making the most of muck

Weighing it all up

Looking to provide a niche service for local farming businesses, one Northants contractor has kitted out his muckspreaders and trailers with weigh cells. It’s all part of his long-term aim to improve the accuracy of muckspreading by investing in the latest weighing and applications technology

Around the world

In April 2017
Meeting the needs/Do firms take criticism seriously?/Mahindra & Mahindra acquires Turkey- based farm equipment firm/Caterpillar moves global HQ/Sales on a roll


In April 2017

NAAC transport workshop

Watch your weight

JCB hosted the fourth and final NAAC transport workshop back in February, soon after the Department for Transport’s announcement that it will not be proceeding with ‘Phase 2’ of the increases to combination weight limits of agricultural tractors and trailers. profi was among the attendees


In April 2017

Cab heating

Eight brass monkeys

Three Scandinavian farming mags pooled resources to see how well 120hp loader tractors coped with their winters. Anything that can manage up there should find the UK a doddle…


In April 2017

Sweeper mods

More power to your sweeping elbow

Many farmers and contractors use rotary sweepers or simpler non-powered brushes to clean mud off public roads or simply tidy up around the yard. The following examples show how you can tailor these implements to your individual needs

Under the hammer

In April 2017

Darby Methwold sale

Kit sells well, backed by strong potato prices

A selection of clean Fendt tractors, along with an impressive display of root crop equipment, drew the crowds to Banhams Farm in Thetford, where a currently strong potato market helped to achieve some superb prices on the day

In April 2017

Dutch bulb harvesting

Mega bulb washer

Dutch tulip grower Maliepaard has taken extreme measures to reduce the volumes of soil accompanying bulbs back to the farm. Meet the monster in-field washing machine called Earth Eater

In April 2017

Round baler guide

Check out the specification and price details of round balers and baler-wrappers currently available in the UK. Our focus here is on machines capable of producing bales of a fixed diameter suitable for hay, silage and straw

Contractor Price Guide

UK contractor charges

This is the National Association of Agricultural Contractors’ ( charge guide, based on info supplied by its members last spring. The figures are only a guide and assume a red diesel price of 40p/litre. Prices will vary according to UK region, size of job, type of equipment used etc

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