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In July 2016
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Tractor test

In July 2016

Fendt Vario 720 SCR

Here we go again

Ranked against its immediate rivals, the Fendt Vario 720 occupies the top slot in nearly all our DLG test categories, and it will come as no surprise to learn that this elevated position is accompanied by the customary Fendt price premium. So is it worth the money?

Practical test

In July 2016

John Deere 8200i self-propelled forager

Looking the part

The latest generation John Deere foragers have certainly raised a few eyebrows. To see if the manufacturer’s major design overhaul has made that much of a difference, we test the 8200i — to assess how it performs in the field

Driving impression

In July 2016

New Holland T5 and T6 tractors

Clean stuff

Keeping pace with the roll-out of tighter exhaust emissions, New Holland has updated its T5 and T6 tractor ranges with Stage IV (Tier 4 Final) engines. We take the T5 for a spin to see what the new ranges have to offer in addition to their cleaner motors

JCB AgriPro Loadall 536-70 telehandler

Two birds, one stone

Transmission choice has been one of the dividing factors in the telehandler market: you either fell into the powershift or hydrostatic camp. Not anymore. JCB has now created a hybrid that uses hydro for handling before switching to more mechanical power for roading

Livestock equipment

In July 2016

Zero-grazing to boost milk yields

Make more of grass

Could there be a resurgence in interest in zero-grazing from dairy farmers wanting to trim costs and boost milk yields? Irish brothers John and Jimmy Bourke are firm advocates of the technique and admit that their zero-grazer would be the last machine they could live without

Used machinery

In July 2016

Claas Liner trailed twin-rotor rakes

Twin rotors, wide reach

Spanning five models, with variable working widths from 6.20 to 6.80m for the Liner 2600 through to 8.70 to 10.00m for the series-topping Liner 3100, Claas trailed twin-rotor rakes can satisfy the swath gobbling appetites from round balers at the smaller end through to mid-capacity foragers at the other. Choosing the right size of rake is therefore critical, but what else should you consider on a used buy?


In July 2016

Servicing an older Hesston/MF/New Holland baler

Plenty more bales to come

Running an older baler of any marque can be a pleasure or a complete nightmare, depending on its history and current care. Prime advice on pre-season and pre-buying inspection comes from James Pavey, workshop manager at Hampshire-based Big Bale Co (South)

Machine management

In July 2016

Competing with conventional cropping

Weeding to perfection

Organically grown crops at one Suffolk farm are flourishing as a result of more effective weed control from the System Cameleon drill now in use. Built by Swedish firm Gothia Redskap, the drill offers both planting and hoeing capability

Around the world

In July 2016
Bell rings the changes / Tractor market remains strong / Kuhn Krause celebrates 100 years of history / Electric future for farm loader


In July 2016

Väderstad E-Control

Your ‘i’ in the cab

Väderstad has produced a mount and software to let the humble iPad control its drills. Can consumer electronics live comfortably in a cab? We find out

Under the hammer

In July 2016

Rea Farm sale

‘Best ever’ Shropshire sale

The retirement of Messrs S B Whittles and Son prompted an extensive sale of arable equipment that could only be described as superb, and the excellent quality tackle fully deserved the top prices it achieved. One of many highlights was a 1,100-hour Xerion, which made £111,000

In July 2016

Contractor price guide 2016

UK contractor charges

This is the National Association of Agricultural Contractors’ ( charge guide, based on info supplied by its members this spring. The figures are only a guide and assume a red diesel price of 40p/litre. Prices will vary according to UK region, size of job, type of equipment used etc

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