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Thread: Mchale Fusion 2

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    Mchale Fusion 2

    Just bought one of these, 18000 bales in tidy order. Have done 50 odd bales and are having trouble with some things. Have got the auto tip turned off and some times when I press tip it starts tipping the wrapped bale but then brings it back up, thinks its tipped it and transfers the next bale onto the cradle. Also sometimes the wrapping ring doesn't reverse enough into home position after wrapping a bale, wont reverse in manual either. have to do another half turn and end up with wrap all over the place. The best I've had it going is with auto tip on but that's not always possible on hilly stuff. I did a factory reset on the console but no better. Any help be great

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    the program is probably just out of sync. i find that on the stand-a-lone wrappers that it is easily knocked out of sync and once it is knocked off it wont land in the right place to cut the plastic.


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