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    Remapping a JD 6150R

    I want to remap my 6150R but am unsure as to how far to safely take the HP before potentially having issues. I was thinking of taking it to 200 PTO HP but would like to take it further if possible. Does anyone have any experience with Remapping and advice? Cheers
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    Most ðealers are aware and can do this. If she needs an update check if your remapping remains or is cancelled though!

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    Had it remapped. It was doing 124HP at the PTO after all the latest software updates. After Remap, now doing 197HP! Feels like a new tractor and it goes awesome

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    What about remapping the 6125R. How far would you push her

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    Any takers

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    I know someone with a 6125R and they have remapped theirs to 160HP at the shaft. The limiting factor on all of these tractors is the cooling package.

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