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    Profi Reader
    hi there has any had any problems with the newholland ts110 because ma front end loader is very slow plus the forward and reverse shuttle is vey slow at responding

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    David Biggin


    Hi there, we have a TS100A, the hydraulics arent a problem on the loader, however the shuttle is very slow to respond, particualrly in comparison to the 6420 i was driving the other day. Have you checked the obvious such as the hydraulic filters? There are 2 on the 110\'s, on the right hand side, underneith the cab. Hopefully this is some sort of help!

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    Profi Reader

    dual power r SLE?

    I think your pump is faulty. we have a 7740 sl and it has 2 hyd pumps- and we have blown one - once and the other twice. When the pump goes, the clutch is eratic, the loader - very slow- you'll rev the engine in frustration. If you have an sl the pump is around

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    Profi Reader

    Shuttle Speed

    I assume that you gearbox is 16x16, all you need to do is change an option within a controller, you will need a dealer to do it, Basically if it is a 16x16 the dealer needs to go into the DB, H3 option and under transmission, channel 2 change the option to yes, this enable the sharp shuttle option.

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