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Starting with the April 2012 issue, we have introduced new software to enable the profi E-Magazine to be accessed easily from any location, via the homepage. For this extra convenience subscribers simply have to log-in (please see below) or register if visiting for the first time. Once registered or logged-in, simply click on ‘E-Magazine’ in the vertical Quickfinder menu and go to the current issue.

If you have already logged-in and still can't access the link to the emagazine, please check your customer reference number is listed in your profile here. If not shown, to check your CRN or for any other problems relating to logging in or using the profi website, please email us:

Note: Since postal delivery of the print magazine is normally fast and reliable, the profi E-Magazine is no longer available free to UK print subscribers.

If you have any questions about this policy, please email us.

In the meantime you can use our online archive or Test centre  to browse articles older than two months.

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