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February 2017
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Higher outputs from Kuhn large square baler

Higher outputs from Kuhn large square baler
Completing the range of large square balers in the 120cm x 70cm (2x4) segment, Kuhn Farm Machinery says the new LSB 1270 DX produces a 10% higher bale density and a 15% increase in baling capacity. To

Slight increase in Amazone turnover

Slight increase in Amazone turnover
New products allowed Amazone to compensate for the decreased demand for farm equipment in many areas of the world last year, gain new customers, and increase its 2016 turnover to €406 million (€402

Wider folding versions of trailed Combi-Disc

Wider folding versions of trailed Combi-Disc
The newly-launched trailed 450 (4.5m) and 550 (5.5m) He-Va Combi-Discs, provide growers with higher output, single pass machines for subsoiling, surface cultivation and consolidation. The two models

Positive last three months for AGCO

Positive last three months for AGCO
AGCO net sales increased 6.9% during the last three months of 2016 to US$2.1 billion, and the company achieved total sales for the year of around US$7.4 billion - a decrease of approx. 0.8% compared

FTMTA 17: Making slurry tankers safer

FTMTA 17: Making slurry tankers safer
While there is a greater uptake of hydraulically powered vacuum pumps on new slurry tankers, Safe Shaft Systems has developed a solution for the retrofit market for those who want rid of a pto shaft.

FTMTA 17: Keep down low

FTMTA 17: Keep down low
Armagh base OBE has been making its Low Centre of Gravity tankers for a couple of years now. This lower height is due to a pipe running through the tank and a greater recess, hence the pictured

Machinery Tests

Claas Xerion 4000

It has taken a bit of time, but we’ve finally got our hands on a Claas Xerion for the profi tractor test. So, was the 308kW/419hp (ECE-R120) 4000 worth the wait?

Massey Ferguson 7720 Dyna-VT

The 136kW/185hp Massey Ferguson 7720 Dyna-VT (rated power output to ISO 14396) impresses with both its excellent performance characteristics and levels of comfort. All good news, then? Well, not...

Zetor Forterra HD

Electric spools and cab/front-axle suspension may not be features you’d expect to find on a Zetor, a brand that has a reputation for minimal sophistication. But here we are with the Forterra HD,...

Used machinery Tests

John Deere 7R series tractors

First appearing in the UK at the tail end of 2011, John Deere 7230R, 7260R and 7280R tractors looked all set to take over from the outgoing 7030 series, with a host of developments to include the...

Grégoire-Besson ‘R’ mounted ploughs

Grégoire-Besson has recently added the ‘cranked leg’ 6-, 8- and 9-series ploughs to its line-up. The existing R4, R47 and R7 mounted models, in contrast, have been around since the early to...

JCB Fastrac 8000 series:

When JCB launched the 250hp Fastrac 8250 back in 2005, the new model hit the headlines for more reasons than its adoption of a CVT. Here was a Fastrac that sought to offer as much in-field...