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Hybrid goes on sale for harvest 2011

Hybrid goes on sale for harvest 2011

The long-awaited Massey Ferguson hybrid combine will undergo further testing in 2010, prior to being made fully available for harvest 2011.
Designated a Class 8 machine by MF, the so-called 9280 Delta is said to be capable of outputs on a par with those of similarly sized machines – the Claas Lexion 580 and New Holland CR9080, for example – and as such will become Massey Ferguson's flagship harvester. But it is the machine's operational efficiency that is being stressed rather than just its out-and-out output potential.
"Tests have already shown that this hybrid harvester uses 10% less fuel than rival machines while still achieving the same output. It's this operational efficiency that sets the Delta apart," says Adam Sherriff, AGCO's manager for powered harvesting products.
According to Mr Sherriff, there are many elements of the design that contribute towards the Delta's low fuel consumption, and that the harvester's seven-cylinder 496hp (with boost) Sisu Power engine can't take all of the credit.
Picking out some of the highlights, crop enters through MF's 9m PowerFlow belt-feed header and passes into the 1.68m wide Hi-Inertia threshing cylinder/concave where the max concave gap is now 40mm. From there the crop is fed on by a rear beater and rotor feeder, the latter splitting material flow into two 475mm diameter, 4.2m long HiSeparation rotors. At the rear, the Min-till chopper bristles with 108 knives mounted in eight rows, and there's an option to fit a Maxi-Spread hood for the heaviest straw conditions.
Down below, the innovative Venturi Cleaning System is said to generate large volumes of crop-cleaning air without consuming any extra power – another fuel saver, according to MF.
Looking to build up machine numbers gradually, MF expects to sell around 20 Deltas in the UK for harvest 2011.





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