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Agritechnica: Xerion piles on the muscle

Agritechnica: Xerion piles on the muscle

The stand-out Hanover highlight from Claas is the unveiling of its new Xerion 4500 and 5000 tractors. This takes its equal-wheel tractor muscle offering to over 500hp. Both models use Caterpillar C13 six-cylinder Stage 3a engines producing 483hp and 524hp respectively, with max torque of 2,203Nm and 2,353Nm reached at 1,400rpm. As in its smaller siblings, the new higher-hp Xerions drive through a ZF CVT, but in this case it's the Eccom 4.5 unit (top speed of 50km/hr) to handle the extra power. The two new tractors will be offered either with a fixed central cab, or in Trac VC format with the rotating cab for reverse drive. The 1,000rpm pto speed is reached at just 1,730rpm to reduce the Xerion's appetite for fuel and the rear pto stub is a larger 22 spline, 57.5mm diameter for the increased power. Alastair McCallum of Claas UK says there will be the option of a front linkage but for those that just need a load lugger the pto and rear linkage can be left off. The 13,400kg vehicle weight can be ballasted up to 24,000kg. To direct all this power to the ground with just four wheels there's a wide selection of tyres including 800/70 R38s or taller 710/75 R42s. Nonetheless, the overall width stays within the crucial 3.0m. For those wanting an even larger footprint there are 900/60 R42s which will cover nearly 2.9m2, although these boots push overall width to 3.3m. Two separate alternators are fitted (12V and 24V), so the Xerion has around 4kW of juice for powering electrical motors through an ISO standard socket. Ergonomics have not gone unnoticed either, with a new control system worked by just the operator's thumb, index and middle finger. Work started on these new Xerions in 2005 and pre-series machines are still in the field in fact the 5000 on the Agritechnica stand is number 13. Full production is expected towards the end of next summer. Claas add that Kaweco, Samson and Kotte are all looking to develop slurry systems for the new tractors, but these will need to use a swan neck coupling as there will not be the option of using a saddle tannk. Interestingly Claas has now produced 1,000 Xerions in the last four years and around 50 of these have made it to the UK. Mr McCallum adds that the smaller 3300 and 3800 will continue to be popular with contractors and mixed farms while they expect the larger models to be more popular for arable and forestry operations.





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