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Agritechnica: Vitasem gets a makeover

Agritechnica: Vitasem gets a makeover

A new heavy duty power harrow and box drill from Pöttinger was getting its first public airing at Agritechnica. The gearbox on the Lion 3002 and 4002 power harrows is rated to 250hp with a wider spacing between the rotor bearings to deal with the increased power. The marker arms can now be mounted on the power harrow and the Vitasem has two fixing points on either side of the packer. A wider 1,000 litre hopper has been developed to make filling easier with big bags while there is now no need to change the metering wheels when switching to a different size of seed anymore. Disc coulter pressure has been cranked up to 25kg by using new spring tensioners and the beefed up coulter bar gets a central adjustment system. The pre-emergence markers have also been improved and the steps for the walk way are now at the side. Lastly finish at the Bernberg plant has been improved by moving to powder coated paint which has been used in the other Pöttinger plants.


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