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Agritechnica: Twin rows get bigger

Agritechnica: Twin rows get bigger

Pöttinger has a whole host of new machines for the 2010 grass season including a new 9.0m to 9.8m twin rotor rake. The Top 972C S Line can knock up a 1.2m to 2.2m swath using the new rotor design that gives increased clearance at headlands. A parallel linkage for each rotor also helps keep the overall height down by pivoting the rotors rearwards to 45 DEG as they lift. Larger cam tracks deal with increased rotor size and the bolted construction means servicing is easier than sealed units on smaller models. The Multitast leading bogey wheel can now be offset so it is not running on the grass if rowing up swaths. List price is expected to be around £23,000.





Further harvesters

KOL-BUD Forderschnecke

1.230 EUR Further harvesters - KOL-BUD Forderschnecke