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Agritechnica: Speedbird digs deep

Agritechnica: Speedbird digs deep

Rabe is still trialling its prototype Speedbird trailed tine cultivator for deeper working than the Profibird. The model on show this week has a working width of 7.8m, and the firm plans to introduce a full range, from 3m to 9m, once it's happy with the machine's performance.
Speedbird tines are spread across five rows, and each tine has a clever auto-reset system that allows the tine to lift vertically rather than tripping back in an arc. Export sales manager, Martin Aulmann, says that this approach delivers a more even pull and power requirement, as a traditional spring auto-reset has some degree of ‘give' that pushes the point back and increases draft.
Tine spacing can be altered from 12cm to 45cm to match the type of foot being used. Maximum working depth is said to be 30cm.
Customers will have the option of specifying a row of paddle tines or discs across the front of the machine, with levelling tines or discs at the back are followed by a choice of packer systems. For transport and headlands the machine is carried on 750/45 R26.5 tyres, and the braked axle is capable of up to 50km/hr travel.






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