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Agritechnica: Cultivator drills come into line

Agritechnica: Cultivator drills come into line

Austrian drill maker Pöttinger has redesigned its 3m and 4m Terrasem trailed cultivator drills so that they are more in line with the C6 and C8 models. Hopper capacity is up from 2,400 litres to 3,000 litres, and the distribution head is now positioned outside of the hopper. The hydraulically powered fan works its way to the front of the machine to benefit from a cleaner air supply
Down below, two rows of plain discs are tasked with knocking up a seedbed, which is now pressed by a larger diameter and staggered tyre packer. Pressure on the double disc coulters is up to 120kg: that figure is down slightly from the previous design, but the firm says this should still be more than adequate for most growers' needs.
Terrasem comes with an ISOBus control system as standard, and the marker arms swing out rather than down. Pöttinger says it has sold 50 of its trailed cultivator drills in the UK since they were introduced three years ago.





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