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Home-built press

A welded frame and a jack make a perfect tool to press out pins without destroying them and without time-consuming disassembly and assembly.

The challenge: To replace the bearings in the rear axle of a Linde H50 forklift truck. The position of these bearings is in the steering arm between the steering ram and the knuckle,  with the main problem being that the 20in pins are generally very reluctant to budge. Using a hammer to remove them is out of the question because of the risk of damage. So the only way to extract them is to press them out, ideally without having to remove the axle from the machine.
Solution: To weld a heavy-duty frame out of thick steel channel and then position a 15t jack within that frame. The top beam of the frame contains a hole through which the pin passes as it’s pressed out. The jack works both ways: it presses the pin out of its seat and also pushes it back in after the bearings have been replaced. The ‘facilitator’ used  for pressing the pin out is an M16 bolt, which is welded to a piece of flat steel.

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Last updated: 20.01.2016
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