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Tractor test

In October 2014

Claas Arion 650

Excellent engine power output and performance; modest fuel consumption. As an opening comment on a tractor test result sheet, they don’t come much better than that. However, Claas still has scope to improve other aspects of its Arion 650 model.

Practical test

In October 2014

Five semi-mounted ploughs compared

Not too many years ago there was a rumour that ploughing was destined to be a tillage technique of the past — too slow, too expensive... How thinking changes. Now ploughing is seen as a key weapon in the ongoing battle against blackgrass.

Driving impression

In October 2014

McConnel PA8085 Tele-VFR hedger

£47,000 for a hedge cutter! Yup, that’s right. Staggering, isn’t it? But then you do get a generous amount of spec for your money, as we find out when wafting around McConnel’s latest Power Arm.

Used machinery

In October 2014

Manitou MLT telehandlers

When investing in a second-hand telehandler, it will come as no surprise to learn that most buyers tend to stick with the UK/Irish mainstream. Which means a machine from the likes of JCB, Merlo or the firm featured here — Manitou.

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