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Tractor test

In July 2016

Fendt 720 Vario

Similar to the New Holland T5 and T6 pictured below, we have Stage IV emission regs to thank for the updated Fendt 700 series. We test the 720 Vario model.

Practical test

In July 2016

John Deere 8200i forager

The self-propelled forager market isn’t all about monster 800-900hp machines, with 400-500hp models still accounting for a healthy number of sales. Which is one of the reasons why we picked a ‘baby’ 295kW/401hp JD 8200i for our practical test.

Driving impression

In July 2016

Claas Direct Disc 600 header

Direct-cut forager headers are being asked to handle a wider variety of crops, cope with a greater quantity of material and make use of higher harvester horsepowers. Claas’s new contribution to the whole-crop sector is the Direct Disc 600.

New Holland T5/T6 tractors

The need to comply with current engine emission regs might have been the prompt for New Holland’s latest T5 and T6 tractor upgrades, but don’t be fooled into thinking there are no fringe benefits. The new Ts are packed with nifty new features.


In July 2016

Väderstad E-Control

Such a big percentage of the population now owns and operates a Tablet, why not tap into this familiarity for controlling farm kit? Umm. First question: how will a Tablet stand up to life in a cab? For an answer we try out Väderstad’s E-Control.

Last updated: 25.05.2016
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