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Tractor test

In June 2015

New Holland T6.160 AC

New Holland seems to be on something of a roll at the moment, with its Basildon-built T7 tractor line proving particularly popular. But what of the smaller T6? We test a stepless model — the 96kW/131hp T6.160.

Practical test

In June 2015

Pöttinger Terradisc 6001 T cultivator

Looks slightly odd, doesn’t it — the transport wheels folded up over the top of the Terradisc’s discs? The thinking is that, other than being a tidy means of getting road rubber up out of the way, it also adds extra surface-penetrating pressure.

Driving impression

In June 2015

Rostselmash combine

There’s nothing too shabby about the specification of the Russian-built Rostselmash Torum 760 combine: we’re talking a single axial rotor, 12,000-litre grain tank, 9.0m wide header and mighty 360kW/490hp Cummins motor.

Used machinery

In June 2015

Grimme GT spud harvesters

Though visually it appears little has changed on Grimme’s GT trailed potato harvesters since their launch back in 2005, the reality is that they have been subjected to many refining tweaks and improvements, as detailed in our guide.


In June 2015

Grassland UK

You can almost smell it, the sweet scent of freshly cut grass; there are few whiffs that beat it. In the June mag we’re off to Somerset to report on all the latest grass equipment knocking down, gathering in and wrapping up crop at Grassland UK.

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