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Tractor test

In February 2015

John Deere 7290R

Over its relatively short life the John Deere 7R has been subjected to a fair amount of change. We test its latest incarnation, the 213kW/290hp 7290R.

Driving impression

In February 2015

Kverneland NG-H F30 drill combi

More blackgrass. More ploughs. More power harrow drill combinations. There’s a natural progression here... and one that’s becoming increasingly prevalent. Check out this combi from Kverneland.

Used machinery

In February 2015

Teagle Tomahawk feeder bedder

While the name may be the same, the Tomahawk straw chopper, from Teagle Machinery, has been subtly changed over the years. If you want to know what to look for, then don’t miss the used machinery guide in our February issue.


In February 2015

Fitting LED lighting along the sprayer’s boom

If you’re fortunate enough to be running a top-spec, new-ish sprayer, your machine is probably already illuminated with LED lighting. But what if you’re not? Don’t worry, as profi workshop help is at hand.

Machine management

In February 2015

Combine capacity

Buy a higher output harvester and enjoy being able to be more picky over your combining days? Or invest in the farm’s drying capacity and capability to cope with wet grain? This was the dilemma faced by an arable unit in Oxfordshire.

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