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Tractor test

In September 2014

Three MF 7615 tractors compared

Massey Ferguson tractor buyers have little cause for complaint when it comes to choice in the 150hp sector — three different levels of specification (Essential, Efficient, Exclusive), three different gearboxes (Dyna-4, Dyna-6, Dyna-VT)... And that’s just as an apéritif.

Practical test

In September 2014

Lemken Compact Solitair drill

Faced with falling cereal prices and an increasingly costly battle against grass weeds, it’s versatility that’s the name of the game when it comes to crop establishment. We test Lemken’s universal drill offering, the Compact Solitair.

Driving impression

In September 2014

Krone Big X 480 forager

Size does count. But, in the case of Krone’s Big X 480 forager, not quite in the way you might think. For with this model, and its Big X 580 sib, the grassland kit maker has deliberately bucked the traditional trend of adding horses and gone smaller.

Used machinery

In September 2014

John Deere Gator UTVs

What a difference the best part of a decade makes. It’s almost ten years since Deere first got serious about the ag UTV market with its Gator HPX, and since then it has incorporated further improvements in both its XUV 850D and current 855D.


In September 2014

Seven inspection lamps on test in the workshop

There’s a world of LED inspection lamps to choose from, at prices from a few quid up to over £50. We set out what an ideal lamp should offer and then go on to test a selection of seven examples of the breed.

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Combine harvesters

John Deere S685i

John Deere S685i


John Deere 6630P

38.100 GBP John Deere 6630P


Renault Renault Atles 936 RZ

21.594 GBP


Massey Ferguson 6480 Dyna 6

34.200 GBP