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Tractor test

In May 2014

Fendt 516 Vario

It will come as no major surprise to learn that our one main gripe with the 110kW/150hp Fendt 516 Vario is its eye-watering price. Our test assesses what a buyer can expect in return for his substantial capital investment.

Practical test

In May 2014

Lely Tigo XR65 silage wagon

There’s quite a trend in mainland Europe for doubling silage wagons as high-capacity, self-unloading trailers, and it will be interesting to see whether this application develops along similar lines in the UK and Ireland. We try Lely’s XR.

Used machinery

In May 2014

Krone BiG X foragers

Grassland kit maker Krone is a relative newcomer to the UK and Irish forage harvester market. Even so, there’s a number of used examples that are now starting to become available for buyers looking for something a little different.


In May 2014

Wiring lights, part I

A simple task — wiring extra electrical equipment into or onto an agricultural vehicle. But is it? Like most workshop jobs there’s a good way and a not-so-good way, so, for those who remain unsure, we work through the former.


In May 2014

Forage harvesters

What a winter! If there’s been an upside to the continual rainfall — though clearly not for those who’ve been worst affected by the early-year flooding — there’s been plenty of workshop time to make forager mods ahead of the 2014 grass campaign.

Last updated: 19.03.2014
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John Deere 6150R

91.200 GBP John Deere 6150R


Massey Ferguson 5465 Dyna 4

46.740 EUR Massey Ferguson 5465 Dyna 4


Horsch FG 4.5

9.360 GBP

ATV/ Quads

Yamaha 350cc 2wd Quad

1.878 GBP