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In July 2015
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Tractor test

In July 2015

Massey Ferguson 5613 Dyna-4

Change of heart

Massey Ferguson’s 5600 is a member of the new breed of higher spec stockman’s tractor, featuring, for example, integrated loader and shuttle controls on a single, armrest-mounted joystick. A loader man’s dream machine, then? The 92kW/123hp flagship 5613 model comes under the spotlight in this month’s test

Practical test

In July 2015

McHale Fusion 3 Plus baler wrapper

It’s a (better) wrap  

After a summer’s work with McHale’s Fusion 3 Plus baler wrapper, we reckon it redefines the benchmark for this type of machine

Driving impression

In July 2015

Case IH Puma 240 CVX Stage IV tractor

Case reopened

As part of its move to Stage IV emissions compliance, Case IH has upgraded many of the Puma’s comfort and control features on both CVT and powershift models. And there have been some output tweaks, too. We enjoyed an exclusive early tour around the range-topping 240 CVX tractor at the Royal Cornwall Show

Chafer Guardian ‘e’ trailed sprayer

Changing of the Chafer ‘Guard’

Chafer has updated its 2007-launched Guardian and Sentry trailed sprayers, and visitors to the recent Cereals event will have witnessed the result. For those of you who didn’t make it on to the Chafer stand at the show, here’s a brief run-through of one member of the new family — a 4,000-litre/30m Guardian ‘e’. Lacking in the latest application tech? It certainly isn’t, as you’re about to find out

Can-Am Outlander L DPS 500 ATV

V8 song without the thirst

If an ATV was purchased on engine note alone, the V-twin 500cc Can-Am Outlander L DPS would have plenty of takers. Sadly, though, Can-Am ATVs and their Bombardier-tagged predecessors have long been associated with a hefty sticker price, and this tag has undoubtedly hindered past sales. Which begs the question: does the new Outlander DPS stand a better chance of achieving UK success?

Quantum leap

Claas Cargos 8400 silage wagon

Largely down to its focus on self-propelled foragers, Claas has never been a front runner in the UK and Irish silage wagon market; in fact it’s probably closer to the bottom of the list. This could be about to change, though, with the introduction of the new Cargos 8000 series shown at the Grassland event earlier this season

Livestock equipment

In July 2015

Swing-over or double-up milking parlours

Singles or doubles?

Even if you have managed to narrow down your milking parlour choice to a herringbone design, your job is not done because there are still a number of options available, such as whether to go for a swing-over or double-up. We speak to users of both systems

Used machinery

In July 2015

Valtra T-series tractors

Never judge a book...

Valtra’s lengthy options list allows buyers to customise their tractor. Which is great... except for second-hand punters for whom identifying the best tractor to meet their needs can be a bit of a ‘mare’. Also not helping matters is that the T0, T1, T2 and T3 production runs overlapped depending on spec. So here we add some clarity, to assist you in seeing the wood from the trees


In July 2015

From the workshop

Simple solutions to perennial problems

This month’s Simple Solutions from Mike Donovan run to a do-it-yourself rainwater harvesting set-up, nifty spray boom extension and making nozzle calibration a drier task

Machine management

In July 2015

Sharing resources to boost workload

Machinery partners

Sharing equipment and labour has helped two Lincs contractors to work together and provide extensive harvesting services for a host of new AD plants in their area

Around the world

In July 2015
Subjecting an old concept to ever greater challenges Testing grease guns New Holland acquires Miller-St. Nazianz Arion CVT arrives Down Under


In July 2015

Hydraulics explained: Part V Open and closed circuits

The open and shut case

Part V of this series moves us to a major watershed in hydraulic circuit design — the differences between open-centre and closed-centre systems. As before, guidance comes from the (oily) hand of John Liposits, technical trainer at John Deere’s Langar, Notts HQ


In July 2015

John Deere 6020/6030-series tractors — part II

More pimping for the Deere

Spending an annual 2,000 hours aboard a particular tractor gives plenty of thinking time for coming up with those interior and exterior tweaks that make daily life just that little bit easier or more comfortable. Following last month’s part I, here’s another selection of handy tips from our readers

Under the hammer

In July 2015

Four Sisters Farm sale

Deeres hold their value

With buyers travelling from as far afield as New Zealand, bidding was strong from both the sale site and the web. A well presented selection of kit, including a trio of 10-series Deeres, returned impressive results in what are tough times for used tackle

In July 2015

UK contractor charges

This is the National Association of Agricultural Contractors’ ( charge guide, based on info supplied by its members this spring. The figures are only a guide and assume a red diesel price of 60p/litre. Prices will vary according to UK region, size of job, type of equipment used etc

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