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In September 2015
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Tractor test

In September 2015

Claas Arion 650 tractor

Lime-green and cream

Back in 2012 Claas announced that it was updating the Arion 500 and 600 models, giving them a new look and cab more akin to those of the larger Axion models. At the same time the DPS four- and six-cylinder motors were fettled to meet Stage IIIB. To find out if Claas has finally shaken off the stigma of its Renault heritage we get the low-down from owners of the flagship in the Arion tractor range,

Practical test

In September 2015

Köckerling Rebell Profiline 500 discs

Rebell-ion is coming

No, not a rabble uprising in consequence of this spring’s UK general election. The Rebell is Köckerling’s first shot at a disc-based cultivation train, introduced at Agritechnica 2013. It’s wide, long, solidly built and will be offered on this side of the Channel from the autumn

Driving impression

In September 2015

Amazone ZA-V 2000 Profis Tronic fertiliser spreader

Fert spreading with finesse

The latest additions to a long fertiliser spreading heritage, Amazone’s new ZA-V spreaders boast a mechanical driveline, completely revamped spreading unit and an updated border spreading system

Manitou MLT 960 telehandler

Race to the top

For shifting big quantities of grain out of store and into wagons in double-quick time, one answer is to couple a seriously big bucket with a seriously big loader. We travel to the New Forest to try the French offering for such applications — the 9.0m/6.0t Manitou MLT 960 telehandler

Lemken Zirkon 12/600 KA power harrow

10 becomes 12

Lemken’s hydraulic-folding models are the first to make the move from Zirkon 10 to 12, with the rigid models gaining the features later this year. More than just a change in digits, the new models are capable of handling more power, a larger packer option and beefed-up tines more suited to high stone content soils

Venieri VF13.63 loading shovel

Very Nearly

Priding itself on using a minimal amount of electronics, Venieri’s VF13.63 loading shovel does seem to have a refreshing sense of simplicity about it. And from the outside it doesn’t look too shabby, either. Intrigued, we put the VF to work clamping silage

Livestock equipment

In September 2015

New measurement standard for automated milking

Powermix for robots

Water and electricity consumption are two elements to consider when comparing different types of milking robots. Up until now there has been very little information readily available, so we have teamed up with the DLG to establish some new test criteria to provide this information. And this is how we’ve gone about the job

Getting ventilation right

Don’t get hot and bothered

When temperatures in a building rise beyond 20°C, milk yields can drop. While this clearly isn’t an issue for cows out on summer/autumn grass, it is a concern for those herds kept indoors

Used machinery

In September 2015

Merlo Turbofarmer telescopic handlers, 2010-2015

Trademark ‘ring of steel’ handlers hit the spot

Since it set up Merlo UK in 1993 the Italian company has seen its share of the UK agricultural telescopic handler business grow to around 20%. Much of this success has been built around the firm’s Turbofarmer models, which are now in similar demand on the second-hand market


In September 2015

From the workshop

Simple solutions to everyday problems

This month’s Simple Solutions from Mike Donovan include a wheelbarrow with a difference and a can opener designed to make lifting the lid on filters a less messy job. Do you have something similar, or completely different, on your farm? Either way we’re keen to hear from you regarding your own inventions. Please contact Mike using the details on the next page

Machine management

In September 2015

Irrigation to boost yields

Let it rain

For one medium- sized farm on light Breckland, irrigation has been a key element in allowing the enterprise to diversify into higher margin crops. Knowing when to switch on the system, however, is as much art as it is science

Around the world

In September 2015
Tax break pushes sales / Topcon spending spree / Potato planter goes self-propelled / Harvesting and planting logistics


In September 2015

Telehandler guide 2015

Here’s our guide to agricultural telehandlers on offer in the UK. In the ‘Hydraulics’ column: F = fixed-flow pump; V = variable-flow demand response pump and valving; litres/min. ‘Engine’ column: power and engine make. ‘Drive’ column: speeds; H = hydrostatic; MS = manual box and torque converter; PS = powershift with torque converter; CVT = hydro mechanical


In September 2015

Lely Astronaut A4 milking robot

Creating a benchmark

Here at profi our aim is to provide farmers with the information they need to make investment decisions. That’s why we’ve set up a form of Powermix test for milking robots, as outlined on the previous pages. Now it’s time to put theory into practice by finding out how much electricity and water a robot consumes in a 24-hour period. First up for test analysis is Lely’s Astronaut A4

Hydraulics explained: Part VI Load sensing

Sense and sensitivity

For the penultimate part of this seven-part series we delve into the workings of the load-sensing axial piston pump, technology still at the core of upmarket machine hydraulics. Thanks go to John Deere, and very specifically to John Liposits, technical trainer at the UK company’s Langar HQ


In September 2015

Seed drills

Getting ready for the sowing season

Though peak-season cereal planting is some way off, the time for oilseed rape sowing is no more than a few days away — that’s if you haven’t already started. Any last-minute tinkering or more serious surgery to perform on the farm’s drill? Here’s a selection of reader-supplied ideas that may provide some inspiration


In September 2015

BMW X5 M50d vs Range Rover Sport

Turbo chargers

A brace of swift seven-seat luxury carriages swish in for this month’s farm transport comparison. Best leave the livestock and chainsaws in the yard with these two…

Under the hammer

In September 2015

Bromfords Farm sale

Clean classics hit high prices

With under 1,500 hours on the clock, an International 956XL tractor was the undisputed star of the Bromfords Farm sale. However, the modern kit also on offer didn’t disappoint

In September 2015

Contractor price guide 2015

UK contractor charges

This is the National Association of Agricultural Contractors’ ( charge guide, based on info supplied by its members this spring. The figures are only a guide and assume a red diesel price of 60p/litre. Prices will vary according to UK region, size of job, type of equipment used etc

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