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In October 2015
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Tractor test

In October 2015

Powermix check for farm-sourced tractors

Keep the faith

“The tractors that are put through the profi test are obviously tweaked by their manufacturers and are not representative.” This is a comment we hear time and again, not just from machine owners but also from rival tractor makers about the regular profi tractor tests. So we thought we should put an end to any doubt that editorial integrity is at the very core of profi’s being. It’s our raison

Practical test

In October 2015

Krone BiG X 480 forage harvester

Big baby

Krone introduced its 489hp BiG X 480 one year ago and now we’ve got the chance to put it through its crop-munching paces in an in-depth profi practical test. Though not exactly a lightweight, the smallest machine in the German firm’s line-up boasts some clever engineering that sets a high bar for the other forager makers in the sector

Driving impression

In October 2015

Claas Disco 9200C Business rear mower

Fine technology, smart control

Claas has updated its disc mower line-up, which now benefits from the firm’s Max Cut cutterbar. For our driving impression we elected to go for the Disco 9200C rear butterfly unit in top-of-the-range Business spec

Amazone Certos 7001-2TX compact discs

Dig a little deeper

Amazone has grown its disc range with the Certos, a trailed cultivator for those wanting to move soil down to more traditional heavy discing depths. We take the Certos out to the field to see what it has to offer

Vicon FastBale non-stop round baler wrapper

Bale express

Not only has Vicon announced it is working on a non-stop fixed-chamber baler, but it is coming to the party all guns blazing with a combi wrapper unit. We had the opportunity to catch up with one of the pre-production machines operating in the UK this season — to see how the process works and find out how far the project has developed

Deutz-Fahr 5100C tractor

Italo-German alliance

The new Deutz-Fahr 5C is powered by an engine from Deutz, through a gearbox from SAME Deutz-Fahr — and the whole caboodle is assembled in Treviglio, Italy. Here are our initial impressions of the 69kW/95hp (rated), Stage IIIB-compliant DF 5100C

CBM quick couplers

No catch

In a number of past tests we have criticised the lift arm hook ends from CBM for being awkward to handle. Now the Italian manufacturer has introduced an updated generation of couplers and offered us an early opportunity to check them out. Our view: they’re proof of how just a small change can make a big difference

Ropa Tiger 5 beet harvester

Big cat gets soft paws

Handled in the UK by Norfolk-based CTM Harpley Engineering, Ropa’s new range-topping Tiger 5 beet harvester is a three-axle behemoth with wider tyres, a stabilising system, a stepless transmission and an SCR engine. After a run in a pre-production model we sum up the main changes

Livestock equipment

In October 2015

Gea Farm Technologies DairyProQ

40 robots and one rotary

With the capability to offer anything from 28 to 80 units, the DairyProQ could be the milking robot that the largest dairy herds have been waiting for. Gea Farm Technologies has announced the unit will be commercially available from 2016, so here’s a brief look at what will hit the market next year

Adapting to life with robots

Not all plain sailing

Four generations of the same family have milked cows at Tyn Celyn, Gwyddelwern, Corwen, North Wales, and for the past 25 years or so this has been done through a 12-stall abreast parlour. Now, however, robots have taken over, the Roberts family being the first to install the new generation of Fullwood’s robot, the Merlin M2

Used machinery

In October 2015

Case IH Quadtrac rubber-tracked tractor

Treading carefully

Case IH introduced the Quadtrac in the USA way back in 1995, with the first 9300 series models finding homes in the UK during 1997. Since then these large articulated tracked tractors have obviously evolved even though their basics remain true to the original, and, just as important, for those interested in a lower cost purchase there’s now a decent used park from which to pick


In October 2015

Power on the farm

The generation game

Choosing a standby generator takes rather more than luck if you’re to identify the right one for your needs... and your budget. For the spark of guidance we turn to Justyn Smith, of JSPUK, Hereford-based specialist in gensets large and small(ish)

Drill sharpeners

Get to the point

Fed up with drills that don’t cut properly, with smoke coming off the work and out of your ears? Then this comparison of four drill sharpening tools might be just what you need…

From the workshop

Simple solutions to everyday problems

This month’s ‘Simple solutions’ from regular tipster Mike Donovan run to a safer way of changing wheels, a low-cost low-loader trailer for moving mini excavators on the road and a posh perch for man’s best bud

Machine management

In October 2015

Treading lightly in cabbages

On track with cabbages

Europe’s largest pointed cabbage grower has no regrets about spending €50,000 on a set of four Soucy rubber tracks for one of its 16 John Deere tractors. But what other machinery investments has the firm made?

Finding the magic crop establishment numbers

Algebra farming

Seeking to adopt controlled-traffic farming and direct drill strategies to reduce compaction, cut costs and improve soil health, Kent grower Guy Eckley has faced some tricky machinery buying decisions along the way

Around the world

In October 2015
Precision for simple planting / Positive signs in Aussie kit market / AGCO adds tech partner and drone product / One Fastrac, one week, two journalists


In October 2015

Hydraulics explained: Part VII Schematics

Signposts in the wilderness

This seven-part series on farm machinery hydraulics rounds off with a wander through the maze of hydraulic symbols and diagrams. The man with the reel of thread is John Liposits, technical trainer at John Deere’s Langar, Notts HQ


In October 2015

Tool storage on machines

All tools on board?

Parkinson’s law alludes to something along the lines of — the need to carry tools will always expand to fill the on-board space available. Assuming the renowned historian is correct, it could be argued that adding even more tool storage capacity is a pointless exercise, because the requirement will never be satisfied. Fair enough… but that won’t stop machine operators continuing to come up with

Under the hammer

In October 2015

Slower second-hand trade for used kit

Tough times for exports

What with the recent strong pound and increases in import duties in certain countries, collective machinery auctions are having a hard time. Despite this, Cheffins auctioneer Bill Pepper remains positive and says he’s still achieving good prices for specific lots. Here he talks us through the past two sales

In October 2015

Self-propelled umbilical spreading

More pump than hump

One Dutch contracting firm has removed the slurry tank from its Vervaet self-propelled trike and converted it into a lightweight umbilical system. Proof that old age needn’t preclude impressive productivity, the 25-year-old three-wheeler remains a valued member of the contractor’s team

In October 2015

Contractor price guide 2015

UK contractor charges

This is the National Association of Agricultural Contractors’ ( charge guide, based on info supplied by its members this spring. The figures are only a guide and assume a red diesel price of 60p/litre. Prices will vary according to UK region, size of job, type of equipment used etc

Last updated: 16.09.2015
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